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Lumber Manipulation

Some signs that your horse or dog may benefit from Manual Therapy

Do any of these signs sound familiar?

Cold backed or irritable when tacking up Reluctance to jump up or down from sofas or into cars
Unexpected or unexplained change in behaviour Unexpected or unexplained change in behaviour
Unexplained deterioration in performance Deterioration in performance
Reluctance to work Digestive or respiratory problems
Uneven shoe wear Lack of interest in food
Irregular gait, stiffness or crookedness in movement Irregular gait, stiffness or crookedness in movement
Uneven muscle development or atrophy Uneven muscle development or atrophy

Animals are no different to us when it comes to feeling pain and discomfort and they react in a similar way to us, but are unable to indicate exactly where and when they are feeling pain or a problem.

They are also very good compensators and will often carry problems with them for weeks, months or maybe even years before signs and symptoms become apparent; by which time the original small problem has manifested into a large scale issue.

Some of the benefits of Manual Therapy

  • Assist healing and repair by creating an environment in which the body is more able to heal itself
  • Provides stress relief and promotes relaxation, whether it be mind, body or spirit
  • Increase range of movement at joints
  • Restore normal function to enhance performance
  • Reduce pain and inflammation.