“Murphy was presenting stiffness on one rein and after one treatment I could feel the difference straight away! Sara suggested that I did some ridden exercises to help build up his muscle and keep him supple. By the second visit Murphy was working nicely on both reins and we were both very pleased with his progress. Sara now comes out to our yard on a regular basis and not just for my horse!” Miss L. Sparks
“Sara treats my dressage horses (youngsters to grand prix) on a regular basis and always provides an informative explanation of what she has found, the way she had treated the issue and discusses exercises allowing me to train my horses in a way that promotes suppleness and softness that would best benefit the horse and prevent the issue from reoccurring. This has been paramount to my training and competing success at Grand Prix. I represented Finland at the Nordic Games in June 2011 and without Sara's help I don't believe this success would have been possible. I would recommend using Sara for your horse regardless of discipline as well-being is paramount” Tuula Aer, Grand Prix rider and trainer
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